Nothing could be more foreign to the American palate than grappa, the Northern Italian brandy distilled from the grape skins, stems,  and seeds left over from wine making (what the French produce as marc).  By tradition, a poor man's drink, grappa can pistol-whip the palate of the neophyte.  Rustic, often fiery, it smells of hay, Earth and God knows what else.

Today, top winemakers and distillers from all over Italy artfully craft their grappas, often distilling them from a single grape variety, or even a single variety from a single designated vineyard.  Some are aged in wood anywhere from six months to a year.  The result is a smoother, more insinuating product that can be downright elegant, while still retaining the spirit's primary characteristics.  Grappa has an intensity, a pristine quality, and an underlying simplicity.  Grappa is strong, but it leaves the taste buds refreshed.

Bill White Enterprises
5373 Highway 224
Park City, UT 84098

Bill White Farms
5373 Highway 224
Park City, UT 84098

Windy Ridge Cafe
1250 Iron Horse Dr.
Park City, UT 84060

Windy Ridge Bakery
1750 Iron Horse Dr.
Park City, UT 84060

368 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060

6030 Market Street #100
Park City, UT 84098

151 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060

577 Main Street
Park City, UT 84060

Sushi Blue
1571 Redstone Center Dr. #140
 Park City, UT 84098

Billy Blanco’s
8208 Gorgoza Pines Rd.
 Park City, UT 84098



Our Company Properties + History

Grappa - Bill White opened Grappa in 1992. It was the first restaurant that started Bill White Enterprises.  The building is over 100 years old and sits at the top of Main Street. It was home to a brothel, bed and breakfast, and a bar to name a few. Grappa has three dining room floors and patios offering beautiful gardens and water features that highlight from five different levels. Grappa serves regional Italian food. Bill weaved his influences from abroad, and used his French Culinary influences to blend in the flavor and textures of Italy. We incorporated three important business factors that we use to this very day: Food, Service and Ambiance.  The next four years would prove a positive one, because it is then in 1996 that we opened Chimayo Southwestern Restaurant.

Chimayo - Chimayo is located toward the middle of Main Street. It offers rustic décor that is reminiscent of Old World New Mexico and serves eclectic Spanish influenced food. The word “Chimayo” means “sacred place” and is designed after The Chimayo Mission in New Mexico. It is believed that the actual dirt from the mission has a healing power.

Wahso - In 2000, our company opened our third restaurant, Wahso. With fresh and inventive Asian dishes. Our vintage Shanghai inspired interiors, lend to our cuisine by creating an ambiance that will transport you.  In fact, our owner, Bill White, collected artifacts from around the world to build the restaurant layout around.  Including a 1,000 lb, 500-year-old Tiger statue from the Ming Dynasty, teak columns from India, mahogany doors from Tibet, chandeliers from Turkey, and beautiful artwork adorning the walls from all over Asia.

Windy Ridge Cafe - In 2002, we opened the Windy Ridge Café. The café has since become a favorite of Parkites around and offers a gourmet deli, bakery and café. The café serves lunch and dinner and has since become more popular than ever. The patio is also a summer highlight! The Windy Ridge Café is located on Ironhorse drive. In 2005, we finished the construction of our new Bakery and serve fresh bakery items, specialty cakes and soups. 

Ghidotti's - Also completed in 2005, Ghidotti’s Italian Restaurant was the next phase of our Restaurant Group. After over a decade of hard work, with great employees and the three factors, we stand as one of the most successful Restaurant Groups in Park City. An honor we share with each other each day.

Sushi Blue - In April 2012, we took over the lease of previous restaurant Hapa Grill, slightly reworked the menu, updated the kitchen, and decorated the interior. Sushi Blue has a variety of unique items from the fresh sushi items to the Kobe Beef Hot Dog and Korean Street Tacos. Sushi Blue took on a more casual atmosphere, while still upholding service standards within the company.

Billy Blanco's - In July of 2013, construction was completed on Billy Blanco’s Motor City Mexican. Blanco’s is located in Quarry Village, just off the Jeremy Ranch exit. Blanco’s offers an eclectic menu ranging from tacos and fajitas to fried chicken and burgers. It sports a casual atmosphere inspired by Bill’s hometown Detroit. From the original Graffiti, to Bill’s collection of motorcycles and cars.  Blanco’s take’s casual dining to a whole new level. 

Bill White Farms - Our farm is a non-profit 501-c3 set up to benefit the community.  We purpose to fund the ongoing operational expenses of the Farm through donations, the sale of Farm raised products and hosting small events. The purpose is for the Farm to become an integral part of both Park City and Summit County.  The Farm will provide a place where children and adults alike could come and learn ways to become more connected to their food, the environment and deepen their connection to the Earth.  People can have the opportunity to learn how they can produce items for their dinner table or to be able to purchase items that are grown locally.